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Vinyl Types

We currently offer 3 types of vinyl to suit your application.  Below is a detailed description of each vinyl as well as color availability.

(Outdoor)  Glossy Permanent Adhesive Vinyl  (Oracal 651)

Thanks to its proprietary formulation and construction, ORACAL Series 651 has become the industry standard for high performance films. Only 2.5 mil thick, ORACAL 651 offers six year outdoor durability, flexibility,  and a choice of over 50 colors. 

This Vinyl is ideal for outdoor window stickers,  vehicle decals,  signage or virtually any situation where durability is needed.  Oracal 651 will stick to any smooth, clean dust free surface.  It also adheres well to curves and bends provided that they are not too extreme.  This is the best all around vinyl for outdoor use.

Oracal 651 Features

Thickness:  2.5 mil

Durability:  6 yrs. (black, white, & colors),  4 yrs. (metallic),  3 yrs. (Brilliant Blue)

Colors:  Over 50 high gloss colors,  3 metallic colors, & 2 matte colors (black & white)

Adhesive:  Permanent adhesive is guaranteed to stick to any smooth,  clean,  dust free surface.

Color Options

Outdoor permanent gloss vinyl chart Oracal 651



(Indoor) Matte Removable Adhesive Vinyl (Oracal 631)

Oracal 631 Vinyl is the number one choice in vinyl decor, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to decorate homes in America. Easy to apply, self-adhesive, and removable, indoor vinyl is the perfect way to add your favorite designs directly to the windows and walls of your home. Best of all, this 3-year film removes cleanly and easily for up to 2 years after application and has a matte surface that suppresses unwanted reflection. It's an ideal choice for temporary and short-term indoor graphics.

Oracal 631 Features

Thickness:  3 mil

Durability:  3 yrs. (all colors)

Colors:  Over 50 matte colors,  3 metallic colors

Adhesive:  Removable adhesive is guaranteed to stick to any smooth,  clean,  dust free surface

Color Options


(Outdoor) Metallic & Carbon Fiber Permanent Adhesive (Griff Decorative Films)

Carbon Fiber

This material gives objects the edge of a rough, finished look while providing a micro-embossed surface that is smooth to the touch. The staggered angle of the pattern creates a visual depth and texture, which comes in either gunmetal or silver.  This material is popular for automotive decals, its pattern makes for an eye-catching look.

Chrome (PolyChrome)

Polychrome™ Polish graphic film offers a brilliant, chrome-like finish in gold,  Silver,  & Fine Brush Silver. This versatile product adds the shine of smooth metal to packaging, displays, signs, and decals. Use it as a primary element to achieve the look of real, high-shine metal, or as a complementary accent to add just the right amount of color and shine.

These products are manufactured from durable PVC resins. Rigid PVC films are resistant to strong acids, alkalis, most oils, fats and alcohols.

Thickness:  1 mil

Durability:  5 years

Colors:  Gun Metal & Silver (Carbon Fiber),  Gold ,  Silver,  & Fine Brush Silver.

Adhesive:  Permanent adhesive is guaranteed to stick to any smooth,  clean,  dust free surface.

Carbon Fiber SilverFine Brushed SilverSilver ChromeGold Chrome