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Custom Orders

If you are in need of precision cut custom vinyl decals you have come to the right place!  We can do your custom lettering/numbering and designs for you.  Please email a description of your needs to and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.  Please include as much information about your project as possible in your email.
Things we need to know to give an accurate quote
  • Size of each decal:  The length and width of the decal.
  • Quantity:  The amount of decals you need.
  • Color & vinyl type:  The color of vinyl you would like.  You can see a description of the different vinyl types we offer as well as the color options by clicking on vinyl types at the top of the page.
  • Pictures/Images:  Any images or pictures you have of your idea are very helpful to the completion of your design.
  • Font:  If you need lettering or numbering please let us know what type of font you are looking for.
$5.00-$20.00 sq. ft.
There are several factors that affect pricing.  The more detailed the design the more time it takes to cut and weed.  For instance a big solid square will be easy and fast to cut and weed and will be much cheaper than an intricate design.  Each enclosed piece of vinyl in a design needs to be weeded (removed) by hand adding to production time and price.  Extremely small lines and letters do not hold up well and can be very difficult to apply.  For this reason we try to keep lines at least an 1/8 inch thick and lettering/numbering at least a 1/2 inch tall.